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Classic Pearl Jam setlist from October 22, 2001 at Key Arena, Seattle, WA. This relatively short set in a large venue was the result of a benefit for the”Groundwork 2001” event - a hunger awareness and fundraiser in Seattle that coincided with World Hunger Day. This concert was headlined by R.E.M (setlist) and featured Pearl Jam (setlist), Alanis Morissette, Wellwater Conspiracy (featuring Soundgarden/Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron and Soundgarden’s Ben Sheppard) and Femi Kuti and the Positive Force. “Gimme Some Truth” on this setlist is indeed the John Lennon’s song, which Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam started performing that year. “Long Road” features an appearance by Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, nephew of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan whom Eddie Vedder recorded “Long Road” with for the “Dead Man Walking” Soundtrack. The written setlist ultimately varied from the order played, but all songs listed were played.

Bonnaroo Festival Setlists for Friday June 14th

As Jeff Tweedy led Wilco through a sunset-spanning set, he reminisced that this Friday night at Bonnaroo was the nicest night they’ve ever played there, because all the others were simply “ass hot”. 

The great Manchester, Tennessee, weather made for a hot night of music across two stages. Here is the complete list of artists and setlists that we have from eyewitness accounts by Setlisters and the webcast.

Friday, June 14, 2013 - Bonnaroo Festival, Great Stage Park, Manchester, TN, USA

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Classic setlist: Nirvana setlist from February 9, 1992, Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland, NZ. If you want, you can buy it for $3000, or you can do what we do and just stare at its awesomeness.  According to its backstory, setlist was handwritten by Dave Grohl.

Classic Setlist: Soundgarden in New York at #CMJ, October 27, 1989. Complete setlist (including encore) and Soundgarden’s 2013 tour setlists available at Setlist and ad courtesy of Jem Aswad

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RNDM setlist signed by the band, uploaded by Setlister Shayne Hanley


Mad Season’s Setlist History: Quality Above Quantity

Few bands have the opportunity to release one album in their career - just one album - and then re-issue that album in multiple formats with bonus studio and live tracks 18 years later to critical acclaim.

But if your band is Mad Season, a culmination of Seattle legends and locals like Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees) and John Baker, you’re not just any band.

Formed by McCready and Baker who met in a rehab clinic in 1994, Martin and Staley rounded out this four-piece that played just six proper concerts in less than a year. Years later, Baker and Staley each succumbed to their addictions, leaving McCready and Martin as the only surviving members.

Here’s a look at some interesting statistics from their live history:

  • They played 100% of their shows in once city: Seattle
  • They played more concerts (4) before the release of their album than they did after (2)
  • They played half (3) of their concerts as The Gacy Bunch before re-identifying as Mad Season
  • Only three songs - “River of Deceit”, “I Don’t Know Anything”, and “November Hotel" were played at all six concerts

29 Apr 1995 - Mad Season at Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, USA

Soundcheck: Long Gone Day, I Don’t Know Anything

Main: Wake Up, Lifeless Dead, Artificial Red, River of Deceit, I Don’t Wanna Be a Soldier, Long Gone Day, I’m Above, I Don’t Know Anything, X-Ray Mind, All Alone, November Hotel

22 Apr 1995 - Mad Season at The Crocodile, Seattle, WA, USA

Main: Wake Up, I’m Above, Long Gone Day, I Don’t Know Anything, Lifeless Dead, River of Deceit, November Hotel

31 Dec 1994 - Mad Season at RCKNDY, Seattle, WA, USA

Main: Wake Up, Lifeless Dead, River of Deceit, I Don’t Know Anything, I’m Above, Artificial Red, I Don’t Wanna Be a Soldier, All Alone, November Hotel

20 Nov 1994 - Mad Season at The Crocodile, Seattle, WA, USA

Main: Artificial Red, Wake Up, I Don’t Know Anything, River of Deceit, All Alone, November Hotel, Lifeless Dead, Jesusathon

6 Nov 1994 - Mad Season at The Crocodile, Seattle, WA, USA

Main: Wake Up, I Don’t Know Anything, Artificial Red, River of Deceit, November Hotel

Song totals from Above tracks performed live:

Mad Season’s Above re-issue is available for purchase at

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Setlist Recap for 121212: The Concert for Sandy Relief

When disaster strikes, people rise up to help those in need. To benefit those in the Northeast United States effected by Hurricane Sandy, the music world certainly rose up at Madison Square Garden on December 12th for “12/12/12: The Concert for Sandy Relief”.

The concert featured amazing collaborations and some of music’s biggest stars - not just in recent years, but all time. Watched by over 2 billion people, you may have enjoyed the performances but we’ll help you keep track of all the songs performed. Were you lucky enough to be there? Click “I WENT” next to each setlist.

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band [ link ]

01 - Land of Hope and Dreams + People Get Ready (The Impressions)
02 - Wrecking Ball
03 - My City of Ruins + Jersey Girl (Tom Waits)
04 - Born to Run (with Jon Bon Jovi)

Roger Waters [ link ]

01 - In the Flesh? (Pink Floyd)
02 - The Happiest Days of Our Lives (Pink Floyd)
03 - Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 (Pink Floyd)
04 - Money (Pink Floyd)
05 - Us and Them (Pink Floyd)
06 - Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd) (with Eddie Vedder)

Bon Jovi [ link ]

01 - It’s My Life
02 - Wanted Dead or Alive
03 - Who Says You Can’t Go Home (with Bruce Springsteen)
04 - Living on a Prayer

Eric Clapton [ link ]

01 - Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out (Bessie Smith)
02 - Got to Get Better in a Little While (Derek and the Dominos)
03 - Crossroads (Cream)

The Rolling Stones [ link ]

01 - You Got Me Rocking
02 - Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Alicia Keys [ link ]

01 - Brand New Me
02 - No One

The Who [ link ]

01 - Who Are You
02 - Bellboy
03 - Pinball Wizard
04 - See Me, Feel Me
05 - Baba O’Riley
06 - Love, Reign O’er Me
07 - Tea & Theatre

Kanye West [ link ]

01 - Clique (Kanye West, Jay-Z and Big Sean)
02 - Mercy
03 - Power
04 - Jesus Walks
05 - All of the Lights
06 - Diamonds From Sierra Leone
07 - Diamonds (Rihanna)
08 - Touch the Sky
09 - Gold Digger
10 - Good Life
11 - Runaway
12 - Stronger

Billy Joel [ link ]

01 - Miami 2017
02 - Movin’ Out
03 - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane) + New York State of Mind
04 - River of Dreams
05 - You May Be Right
06 - Only the Good Die Young

Chris Martin [ link ]

01 - Viva la Vida (Coldplay)
02 - Losing My Religion (R.E.M.) (with Michael Stipe)
03 - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (Coldplay)

Paul McCartney [ link ]

01 - Helter Skelter (The Beatles)
02 - Let Me Roll It
03 - Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five (Wings)
04 - My Valentine (with Diana Krall)
05 - Blackbird (The Beatles)
06 - Cut Me Some Slack (with Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, Pat Smear)
07 - I’ve Got a Feeling (The Beatles)
08 - Live and Let Die (Wings)

Alicia Keys [ link ]

03 - Empire State of Mind, Part II


European Bound: Author Caryn Rose Captures Springsteen in Europe

As much as we want to, we can’t go see every concert by our favorite artist. And for fans of Bruce Springsteen fans, that’s an especially harsh reality.

3-hour marathon shows with new album cuts, rarities, requests and epic classics. Show after show, month after month. When you’re at the venue in your seat, you can take in the whole experience; but when you’re not, luckily there’s Author and Springsteen fan Caryn Rose

Rose’s most recent work is “Raise Your Hand: Adventures of an American Springsteen Fan in Europe" on Till Victory Press. “Raise Your Hand” is a first hand account of the daily survival rituals, fan interaction, and sheer exuberance of following Bruce Springsteen in Europe of all places, far away from his native New Jersey. 

[ Bruce Springsteen Setlists from 2012 ]

The book analyzes not only each night’s setlist, but the effort to get there and the feeling as the last fan exits the venue. Complete with terrific knowledge and analysis of Springsteen at this stage of his career, Rose’s account really is the next best thing to being there.

"Raise Your Hand" is available in paperback, and as an eBook on iTunes, Amazon, and many other formats.

Setlisting’s John Reynolds talked with Caryn about her book and her recent trip to Europe.

For the European shows you saw and documented, how do these setlists compare to those of say, 12 years ago, when Bruce reunited the E Street band.

Caryn Rose: The motivation behind (1998’s retrospective box set) Tracks was Bruce wanting to get the band back together. There was no truly “new” material. (I don’t count the Tracks box set - those were old songs that hadn’t been released.)  Expectations are different. I’m going to be disappointed on this tour if he’s not playing 6-8 songs from the current record. On the Reunion tour, it was all about hearing the older material.

You wrote that experiencing these European shows was “like a homecoming to stand among unabashed Bruce geeks”.  Do you think American crowds will ever reach that level of inhibition at a concert?
Caryn Rose: Well, that level of inhibition comes back with every new band or new scene at the beginning. But as soon as it gets bigger, forget it. But overall, we’ll never reach that level because we already did, and we lost it. Rock and Roll is too mainstream, too accessible. It has to be for the current industry to survive. When it used to be hard to find out when shows were and when buying tickets required some effort, you ensured that the majority of people there would care about being there. Now, it’s just another entertainment choice out of hundreds on an average evening if you live in a big city. We’re too entitled and too jaded.

Are you constantly amazed how Bruce (now 63) continues to draw a younger fan base?
In the States I wouldn’t say “continues”. This is a new thing. There was a generation who considered him to be their parents’ music and eschewed it completely. There were people who liked Nebraska and the first two albums, but couldn’t see past the production of Born In The USA and were embarrassed by the earnestness. Next generation of kids digs sincerity and authenticity and you’re seeing them show up for shows in the US wearing their Against Me! shirts. 
Europe is a different thing. It just kept rolling.

In your book, you included a fascinating analysis not just of the shows, but of Bruce’s European fanbase. What characteristic did you find most interesting?
Caryn Rose: The diversity of the crowd. The energy just always just felt more open, lighter, more inclusive. Very different feeling.

You experienced Bruce in the mud and rain and also the comfort of the indoors. If you were given tickets to see Bruce at an arena versus a festival, which would you choose?
Caryn Rose: There’s no question. I wouldn’t go see anyone at a festival over an arena. I just can’t see any reason in the world to see a band play an abbreviated version of their set in front of a crowd that isn’t there to see them. 
"Raise Your Hand" is available in e-book and now paperback from Backstreet Books.
Check out the setlists for the seven European shows Rose chronicled during her two-and-a-half week jaunt